Breathe Deep. Create change.

Breathe deep.
Create change.


What We Do:

We're focused on improving the wellness of children, teens, and the people that care for them


With offerings of yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and a variety of workshops and special events, Three Deep Breaths provides support to everyone on the journey toward less stress, improved health, and a deeper level of compassion toward ourselves and others. 



Yoga classes at Three Deep Breaths are purposefully small (5 students or fewer). This gives the instructor considerable opportunities to guide and assist students at all levels of experience. Private sessions allow the instructor the ability to focus on an individual student’s needs and goals. Both private sessions and small classes encourage an engaging and responsive experience.  


A regular meditation practice has many benefits, including stress reduction and management, increased self-awareness, improved ability to concentrate, and to focus attention on the present moment. Three Deep Breaths offers meditation instruction for children and teens (following the Still, Quiet Place mindfulness program), and guided meditation sessions for adults. 


Aromatherapy is a straightforward and effective method to improve our well-being. Your consultation will help identify the most appropriate oils and method of delivery to use for desired results. When used safely, essential oils can encourage relaxation, boost energy, and calm nerves.


An engaging and focused practice at any level can be the catalyst for genuine growth.



Three Deep Breaths
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