Classes at Three Deep Breaths are purposefully small (5 students or fewer). This allows the instructor the opportunity to assist and engage students at any level of experience. Yoga mats and props are available for children and adults at no charge; feel free to bring a water bottle to fill (or re-fill). 


New to the studio? New to Yoga? This is the place to start! We’ll take the time (in person, or by phone or Skype) to discuss your needs and make sure Three Deep Breaths is a good match. From there, we’ll arrange an assessment – this will help us find the most appropriate class(es) or design private sessions, and choose the best methods to chart your individual progress.   

Yoga for Children

Three Deep Breaths offers a variety of yoga classes for children. They include classes that are based on themes, that introduce Kundalini yoga, that include Brain Gym© techniques, and that share yogic philosophy. Private sessions are also available. Find out what classes are currently being offered, and what style might be a good fit for your child, during the initial consultation.

Yoga for Autism and ADD/ADHD

Three Deep Breaths specializes in creating private sessions tailored to the unique needs of a child or teen with Autism or ADD/ADHD. We also offer very small classes that may be attended with a caregiver. Combined styles of yoga and stretching, along with relaxation techniques, are offered with the support of visuals (when needed) in a structured environment. It's an experience that is both focused and FUN!

Yoga for Adults

Classes offered for adults at Three Deep Breaths include Gentle and Restorative Yoga, Slow Flow Vinyasa, and Yoga Nidra. The focus is on yoga styles that offer a more relaxed pace, with an emphasis on body awareness, and breathing techniques. They are wonderful offerings for an introduction to yoga, or to support a home practice. Private sessions are available for adults.



Three Deep Breaths offers meditation instruction for children and teens using the Still, Quiet Place program. Sessions run as an 8-week series, and follow the Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) format. Classes are divided by age groups (6-8, 9-12, 13+). Private and family instruction are also available. 

Three Deep Breaths also offers a small group, guided meditation session weekly. 




Aromatherapy consultations are offered at the studio. During the initial consultation, expect to answer several questions and smell a few oils. We’ll discuss your preferences and needs, and a blend will be prepared – just for you!



Events & Workshops

Three Deep Breaths hosts a variety of events - including guest speakers, activities, and trainings/workshops. For more information about upcoming events, or to register, click below to access the studio's booking page.